Off The Rack

"Off The Rack - your brochure distribution specialist! "

How Much Will it Cost?

From as little as $25 per month, your business can be seen all over the place.

Off The Rack knows how to get maximum exposure for your brochures, promote your offer direct to your customer and guarantees the best value for your promotional dollar.

Your Brochure Distribution fee includes:

  • Brochure pick up and storage
  • Reserved space on brochure racks for duration of contract (2 to 12 months)
  • Clear display in brochure racks
  • Distribution of brochures and monthly top up (sometimes fortnightly)
  • Promotion in monthly newsletter (initially for first 3 months of 12 month contract)
  • Promotion at business events (e.g. display in mobile brochure rack) when applicable
  • Regular monitoring and maintenance of racks
  • Feedback to client (in person, by phone/email and by way of yearly update)
  • Administration costs
  • Tax/GST

Email Off the Rack for a quotation or contact Maggie, your local brochure buddy, on 0410 400 297

Off The Rack continuously seeks new opportunities to promote your business and to find new high traffic locations to display racks. This is reflected in my yearly update which I send to my customers each year (usually when your subscription falls due). Off The Rack's yearly update keeps you informed of achievements throughout the year, new promotional opportunities, and any changes to fees and policies.

TIP: Always engage an established brochure distribution service to distribute your brochures. Doing a "one off drop" yourself does not guarantee that your brochures will be on display for more than one week, particularly if it is found on a privately owned rack.

Off The Rack owns and maintains most racks found between Wallaga Lake and Milton and is welcomed by other locations to exclusively maintain their racks. When Off The Rack distributes your brochures it guarantees they will be on display for as long as you engage the service. Our regular visits to rack locations ensure this.

Brochures can be expensive to produce so make sure you get the best value for your money!

For quotes & enquiries call Maggie, your local brochure buddy, on 0410 400 297


"I have been designing brochures for 'Off the Rack', working with Maggie who distributes these effectively and professionally. I am impressed by Maggie's dedication, going beyond what is expected".

Bjarni Wark : Bj2design