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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me exactly where my brochures will be displayed?

Yes, please refer to Distibution Locations or request a run list. The run list is updated regularly. Off the Rack services 160 rack locations on the New South Wales South Coast from Milton to Wallaga Lake. In addition, brochures can be distributed to cafes, newsagents, service stations as well as visitor centres outside the region for an additional fee.

Can you tell me when our brochures will be delivered?

Generally, I commence the brochure run in the first week of each month and complete the run by the end of the month. Brochure distribution days are normally Wed, Thur and Fri. The brochure run usually commences with the Batemans Bay area in the first week where there is a greater concentration of rack locations, followed by Moruya to Tilba the following week and the Shoalhaven locations in week 3. Any locations not visited in the first three weeks because of bad weather or other reasons, are completed in the fourth week. It is important to have brochures to me ready for distribution by the first day of the month.

How many brochures do I need?

Please refer to Brochure Quantities.

How do I get my brochures to you?

I will collect your brochures from you at a mutually convenient time and from your designated location.

What happens to our brochures after our event or when we no longer require your distribution service?

Brochures can either be stored by us, returned to you, or recycled as requested by you.

What is the best size for a brochure?

Brochures should be in the DL format (the size of a long envelope) to allow proper display in the brochure racks. Larger brochures quite often miss out on being displayed in the racks. For more information please refer to Brochure Tips.

Can you recommend anyone to produce our brochure?

Yes, Off the Rack can organise professional production of your brochure or can refer you to a local professional graphic designer and printer. Please contact me direct with your specific requirements.

What do the brochure racks look like?

Please refer to Rack Displays for photos/illustrations and dimensions of our racks.

Can you guarantee my brochure will go into all your racks?

No, sometimes there is a conflict of interest. For example often hotels with restaurants may not take brochures from other restaurants, or some motels or holiday parks may not take brochures from competitors in the same area. However, Off The Rack guarantees that your brochures will be displayed in 90% of racks.

Are you sold out in any zones?

From time to time racks in the Batemans Bay area are full in the peak holiday time, however every effort will be made to display your brochures. If you require distribution for the Christmas/New Year school holiday period it is best to register your interest for the distribution service by the end of October to avoid disappointment.

Do you supply brochure racks?

Yes, some brochure racks are supplied free of charge (*conditions apply). Or we can sell you a rack if we have one to suit your needs.

For quotes & enquiries call Maggie, your local brochure buddy, on 0410 400 297


"I have been designing brochures for 'Off the Rack', working with Maggie who distributes these effectively and professionally. I am impressed by Maggie's dedication, going beyond what is expected".

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